Sports Evolution is Nigeria’s Premier Football Scouting Network and Consulting, specialises in discovering young prospects on their way into professional Footaball. Our platform unearths exceptional talents with a view to making them realise their dreams – professional Football player.

We inturn make them available to professional clubs and academy interested in fortifying their teams with “rare gem”. This way, we would have succeeded in improving prospective clubs and academy’s scouting efficiency and cost effectiveness.


We know lots of talents who did not get spotted from most of the professional clubs. Our team of scouting network are not only present at national tournaments but also at grassroots tournaments accross the country... wants to why? ... to spot enterprising talents with great skills.

Through our Scouting Network, we liase with managers, coaches and assistants of academy clubs at the grassroot level in and around Nigeria.

Via this platform we are guaranteed of a first hand information on “new discoveries”. We check them out and update our scouting assessment database.

Sports Evolution Academy

We run a Football Academy with emphasis on fitness and education. Here, we have a pool of exceptional talents discovered during grassroot tournaments visits. Age limit of our Academy player is 17 years.

What We Look For -
Skills: Ball control, Passess, Shooting accuracy, Positioning Fitness On and off the ball movement
Attitude: Ambition, Education, Family/Guardian, Maturity/Independence, Team spirit, Off the pitch conduct.


We offer advisory services to young talents on their sporting career and wealth management.

We are constantly in touch with them at all times with free access to our know-how databank. We also have the resource, depth and path with reputable organisations to offer cutting edge services covering the following:

- Football Tours
- Special Projects
- Training & Publications
- Sponsorship & Entertainment
- Coaching and Scouting Courses

Club Liason Function

Through our support team, we liase with professional and academy clubs as to their scouting requirements. E.g. where a club is searching for players in a particular position, our support team will provide list of players matching criteria given us and mailing their full profiles as follows:

- Individual details including position, height, weight, date of birth, place of birth and nationality)
- Full domestic career playing statistics where available Name of Agent/agencies
- Short Scouting Assessment