About Real Sports

We Specialize in Outdoor and Indoor Modular Surfaces for Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Shuffleboard Courts, Multi-Game Courts, Basketball Hoop and Basketball Goal Court Accessories

Real Sports™ is ideal for commercial indoor and outdoor tennis courts as well as backyard basketball courts. Our cutting edge athletic court surface is specifically made for basketball, tennis and multi-game courts. It is perfect for new outdoor basketball courts as well as the resurfacing of old worn-out asphalt or concrete commercial and home tennis courts. We also carry quality basketball goals so you can shoot basketball hoops with style and ease.

Our tennis courts, basketball courts, shuffleboard courts and multi-game courts are the most innovative systems on the market today. They incorporate recent advancements in technology for a comfortable, safe surface, ideal for professional and recreational tennis courts. The 3/4" thick, shock-absorbing, suspended surface reduces playing fatigue and provides better ball bounce for exceptional game performance.

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